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Nitro Manure Spreaders- Ranch Series 375RS, 525RS

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There is a new Nitro vertical beater manure spreader that is now available to the Midwest from Show Me Shortline. If you like the sturdy build and precision spread of the Nitro but are a smaller producer, take a serious look at the two new Nitro RS series spreaders- the Tubeline Nitro 375RS and 575RS. The RS stands for Ranch Series because these spreaders are like the larger Nitro models, just designed for smaller operations.


The Tubeline Nitro 375RS has a carrying capacity of 12tons and only requires a tractor PTO HP of 90. This efficient unit has the same great qualities that the Tubeline Nitro spreaders do, like intelligently engineered beaters that spread consistently every time so you don’t have to worry about runoff, quick drop removable beaters that can convert your spreader into a rear discharge trailer quickly, and lifetime warranty heavy duty logging chains that have a breaking strength of 72,400lbs. There are brakes available as well on all models.


The Tubeline Nitro 575RS is a little bigger but still in the Ranch Series, this spreader will 15 tons of material and requires 125 tractor PTO HP. Like all Nitro models, the 575RS has replaceable reversible knives that can be easily reversed or replaced when required. Like all the Tubeline Nitro models, if you wish to spread poultry litter, an optional beater makes spreading that a breeze. The poultry litter beater option is easily switched out the manure beaters so you can switch back and forth easily if needed. This beater also has amazing consistency so this makes the poultry beater option economically friendly for organic farmers and all farmers alike.




The Tubeline Nitro Manure spreader comes in five different sizes depending on your needed heap capacity. The Nitro manure spreader model numbers coincide with how many heaped cubic feet it will hold. The largest Nitro Manure spreader is the Nitro 950, which will hold up to 950 heaped cubic feet. The Nitro 750 will hold around 791 heaped cubic feet, the Nitro 600 will hold approximately 593, and the Nitro 450 will approximately 453 heaped cubic feet. The smallest, but very popular, Nitro 375RS will hold approximately 410 heaped cubic feet of manure.

The Tubeline Nitro Manure spreader spreads manure or poultry litter evenly, the standard beater wedge feature on Nitros ensures that each load is distributed evenly and prevents large clumps from coming out or falling off the back of the unit onto your field. This is important for the farmer and for the environment because if the manure is not spread evenly you can get runoff into bodies of water. The beaters on the Nitro are dynamically balanced ensuring minimal flex and vibration when running the beaters at full speed, same with the poultry beater option- there are two horizontal beaters to ensure a consistent spread of poultry litter.


The Tubeline Nitro Manure Spreader is versatile, the gate can be raised easily to just several inches if your manure is sloppy; allowing it to come out consistently and evenly. Or if your manure is harder, you can raise the gate up more, allowing for more manure to come out, still spreading it consistently and evenly. The quick detach beaters allow you to also use the Nitro spreader as a rear discharge trailer.  Farmers also love the floatation tires and industrial strength chains, the strongest in the business.


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